About Veronica

Meet Veronica, the K9 Traveller

Get to know Veronica, the K9 Traveller ambassador. Watch her grow up in comfort at Tap Tappy Racing Kennels in Brisbane Australia. Veronica was purchased at the Ipswich Greyhound Puppy Auction on 22 September 2019 at Queensland’s only Greyhound puppy auction.

In 2019, 165 pups aged between 4 to 10 months were auctioned at the 32nd Greyhound Puppy Auction. The average price paid per puppy was between $3,500 – $5,000. Once a year, breeders and buyers come together at Ipswich in Brisbane for the opportunity to sell their puppies to buyers interested in raising greyhounds as pets or race dogs.

K9 Traveller

Veronica was born 13 February 2019 and one of 5 puppies – two bitches and three males. When we first got Veronica, she was quite shy and tended to bow her head when we interacted with her. She soon came out of her shell with nine males and two bitches to play with. At Tap Tappy Greyhound Kennel, dogs are of a similar age and put into groups by personality. Dogs run free in dedicated outdoor spaces with access to shade and water play. If the weather is too hot, cold or raining – dogs are brought indoors to their sleeping quarters. Veronica’s diet consists of Eagle Park all-natural dry kibble, home-cooked vegetable casseroles and raw brisket bones for teeth and gum health.


Interesting Greyhound Facts

Greyhounds are true athletes and built for speed not endurance. These gentle giants love sleeping, eating and lazing around hence why they are referred to as a ‘60-kilometre couch potato’! Although greyhounds are bred to run, only one in eight dogs becomes a superstar on the track! Greyhounds love to catch, fetch, run and play tug-of-war games like most dogs. They are quite vocal and let you know when they want your attention and it’s time to play. Active Greyhounds or ‘greys’ as they are affectionately called are very amusing to watch especially when they bow and run around in circles amusing themselves. If you have a greyhound, you will know what I mean!Perhaps the biggest misconception is that greyhounds are muzzled because they are an aggressive breed. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Greyhounds are in fact one of the most gentle dog breeds and make ideal family pets. Muzzling was introduced many years ago to stop greyhounds from injuring themselves during a race. A greyhound races with its mouth open to allow more air into the lungs. The muzzle protects one dog against another from cuts and grazes from accidental contact with teeth.

Choosing A Race Name

Choosing Veronica’s race name turned out more difficult than I expected! From day one, I had my heart set on the race name “K9 Traveller”. Unfortunately, numerals and generic names such as Canine are not permitted. After sending an arm’s length of name suggestions, Veronica was granted the race name, “Travel Later! A very appropriate name for 2020!.

Strict Guidelines

For good reasons, the Greyhound racing and breeding industries have strict guidelines and laws to protect the breed from cruelty and misconduct. The outcome for the industry was inevitable in light of the widespread, systemic animal abuse that shocked all Australians when publicly revealed several years ago. Today, Greyhound trainers and owners are held legally responsible for the welfare of race dogs – pre and post their racing life.

Greyhound Adoption Program

Across Australia, greyhound adoption programs are dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds that have retired from racing. For more adoption information contact GAP and to learn more about adopting a greyhound, RSPCA have compiled a booklet packed with useful information.

Veronica’s Journey

Dogs love being celebrities too. Follow Veronica’s development from puppy to race dog or whatever she decides to do when she grows up. Connect with Veronica on Instagram Facebook Pinterest.