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K9 Dog Passport

Get Your Fur-Baby Globetrotter Its Very Own Dog Passport!

Keep track of your dog travels and pet information in the K9 Traveller Dog Passport. Record and track all the important stuff in one handy place. Collecting stamps from different places for your passport is fun for children and adults. You can look back through your passport and remember all the wonderful adventures you have shared together. After all, our pets are part of the family.

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Let The Adventures Begin!

Customising your dog passport is simple and easy. You upload a cute photograph + enter your dog’s personal information and special features. Let your canine’s personality be known by adding its nickname and choosing a favourite occupation.

There’s even a section, where you can add anything that pertains to your dog’s identity. Use this section to record things such as microchip ID and city registration numbers, paw print, vet visits, dietary restrictions and more. Double-check your pet information is correct and we do the rest!

Making your dog’s official K9 Traveller passport is fun and makes for a cool gift idea for any dog lover and pet owner too! Have all your dog’s important info in one safe place and at your fingertips.

NOTE: This dog passport is not a legal document and cannot be used for international travel.

official K9 Traveller passport

Take it anywhere!

The dog passport is light, durable and fits nicely in most handbags, backpacks, shirt or pant pockets. This fun pretend passport is a perfect addition to your travel kit. When it comes to quality, we use high-quality thick stock for the cover and premium paper so you can use the pet passport for years to come.

In case of an emergency have all your important pet information handy when you need it most. Information such as Vet contact details, microchip identity number, dietary restrictions and more. You can use the dog passport when it is necessary to kennel your fur-baby or engage the services of a pet sitter. Should your pet become lost, the K9 Traveller passport can be used to prove your pet ownership and help to reunite you sooner.

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New Family Addition?

Getting a new furry family member? That’s super exciting and a huge milestone in your life that is definitely worth celebrating. Get your new pooch, its very own K9 Traveller puppy passport and capture the memories from day one.

K9 Traveller puppy passport

The PupParazzi is Coming!

It’s no big secret that dogs make us feel loved and happy. Who can resist a wet nose and tail-wagging companion with adorable eyes and a cheeky smile! Is your dog the cutest, funniest and most adorable thing in the world?

Well, we want to see its profile pic! Your K9 Traveller could be our next Dog of the Week! Send us your favourite photo to woof@k9traveller.com and your dog could become the next superstar. Don’t forget to like us on social media.

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